Thermal Conductivity Meter QTM-710/QTM-700

Thermal Conductivity Meter QTM-710/QTM-700


・Clear and easy operation with the touch-screen of 5.7 inch color LCD

Intuitive operation is possible with touch-screen. History of measured values can be seen by pressing the display of the measurement result once, and necessary information and operation menu is displayed speedy. Result window.

・Quick measurement with 3ch probes

Solid and film can be measured continuously without changing the probe when the same type or other types of various probe are connected.

・Built-in Thin film measurement (QTM-710)

Thermal conductivity of the sheeted sample such as a film and a sheet of fiber products is possible to measure.
The result is easy to analyze since an average calculation of the measured value and rise temperature features is able to display.

  • Easy data transfer with a USB flash drive

Measurement data transfer to personal computer is easy with a USB flash drive.
Data is viewable and editable in the spreadsheet software because it is saved in CSV format.

  • Security function

Password setting and security level can be selected in accordance with the intended use and the environment.

  • Probe is compliant with traceability.

Traceability system of the thermal conductivity standard substance (reference plate) is established for the purpose of further improvement of the reliability of the measured values

  • The thermal conductivity of various samples such as block form or sheet in manufacturing, construction, handcraft, soil or food industry is possible to measure by placing a probe on the surface of sample with the uniform temperature.

・Thermal insulating material of fiber or foamed plastic
・Plastic, Glass, Wood, etc.
・Sheet, Leather, etc.
・Bread dough, Mashed food, Powder, etc.
・High heat insulation material, Ceramics, etc.


Main unit

Type Quick Thermal Conductivity Meter
Model QTM-710 / QTM-700
Method Hot Wire Method
Accuracy*1 Within ±5% reading value per reference plate*2 (room temp. only)
Repeatability*1 3% (at the measurement of reference plate)
Thin film measurement QTM-710 : Able
QTM-700 : Unable
On-window display 5.7 inch color LCD
Language English / Japanese / Chinese / Korean
External I/O RS232C : 2ch (Printer, Data Acquisition Software)
USB : 2ch (Printer, USB flash drive)
Ambient conditions Temperature : 5 to 35℃
Humidity : 85%RH or below (no condensation)
Power supply DC24V 5A (main unit), AC100-240V±10% 50/60Hz (AC adaptor)
Dimensions 262(W)×276(D)×158(H)mm
Weight Approx. 4kg
CE marking CE marking (EN61326-1, EN61010-1), suitable for RoHS

*1 :
Measurement accuracy and repeatability of Thin film measurement depends on the state of the sample
*2 :
Reference plate (Quartz glass / Silicone rubber / Polyethylene foam)