Portable Density/Specific Gravity MeterDA-130N

Portable Density/Specific Gravity MeterDA-130N

Portable type for hand carry
With temperature compensation automatically
Sampling is single-hand-controlled
Precision: ±1 x 10-3g/cm3
Temperature: 0 – 40°C


  • Sampling volume and speed are single-hand controlled. (Patent pending)
  • Operative either by right or left hand, the cell can be viewed during measurement.
  • Light weight allows operators to feel tireless in normal operations.
  • Viscous liquid up to ca 2000 mPa・s can be sampled in.
  • The display shows density, temperature-compensated density, specific gravity, temperature-compensated specific gravity, Brix %, alcohol concentration, sulfuric acid concentration, API degree, Baume degree, Plato and Proof degree, and the like.
  • Graphic LCD can display temperature, sample number, auto-sensing oscillation stability, auto data saving, auto data output, data deletion, buttery capacity indicator, etc.
  • Battery life is increased two times more than conventional makes, providing much longer operation time.


Type Portable Density/Specific Gravity Meter
Model DA-130N
Range Density: 0.0000~2.0000 g/cm3
Precision ±0.001 g/cm3
Resolution 0.0001 g/cm3
Temperature range 0 to 40°C
Display content Density, temperature compensated density, specific gravity, temperature compensated specific gravity, Brix %, alcohol concentration, sulfuric acid concentration, API degree, Baume degree, Plato and Proof degree, etc.
Temperature compensation Ten kinds of coefficients per sample plus temperature to be corrected can be entered.
Auto calibration It can store the density of water at various degrees of temperature required for calibration of the measuring cell.
Sampling By syringe-type hand pump.
Data storage 1,100 samples
External output IrDA for Personal computer
Power Supply Alkaline battery LR03 (AAA) 1.5V 2pcs
Dimensions 65(W)×115(D)×235(H)mm
Weight Approx. 360g

Download for Data Communication Software for Portable Analyzers(984390062)


ASTM D7777 Standard Test Method for Density, Relative Density, or API Gravity of Liquid Petroleum by Portable Digital Density Meter

JIS K0061 Test methods for density and relative density of chemical products


  • Data Acquisition Software

    Measurement results of KEM instrument are directly downloaded to your personal computer for further data processing.


  • JCSS Accredited Density Standard Liquid

    Used to confirm the measurement accuracy of oscillation-type density/specific gravity meters in routine checks and calibrations.
    KEM’s range of standards can be used for testing density in the range of 0.69***g/cm3 to 1.49***g/cm3 (at 20°C).