Portable Brix MeterBX-1

Portable Brix MeterBX-1

The BX-1 is a handy portable brix meter that features easy on-the-go measurement.

The Portable Brix Meter BX-1 is a convenient refractometer that lets you determine the Brix of food, beverage, and other samples virtually anywhere!
Measurement is fast, requiring only 2 seconds.
Its wide measurement range is 0-85% (±0.2%), ample for the vast majority of samples/applications.


  • From Low Brix% sugar-free coffee to fruit juice (~10%) and high-concentration syrup (~70%), the BX-1 is your one-stop solution for virtually all food and drink samples!
  • Easy, one-handed operation!
  • Perfectly usable in the outdoors, unaffected by most light sources (except robust and direct light).
  • Economic power consumption, capable of approximately 30,000 measurements before batteries need replacement.


Product namePortable Brix Meter 
DisplayBrix %
Measuring range0.0 – 85.0 Brix %
Precision± 0.2 Brix %
Minimum Resolution0.1 Brix %
Temperature compensation functionYes (10 – 75 ℃)
Environment temperature10 – 40℃
Power SupplyTwo AAA alkali batteries
WeightApprox. 100g