Gas Volume AnalyzerGVA-710

Gas Volume AnalyzerGVA-710

This instrument automatically measures gas volume, internal gas pressure, air content, and oxygen concentration for quality control in the bottling process of carbonated drinks, etc.


  • Fully automatic measurement

Both gas volume and air content in a sample container can be measured with a single measurement.
No personal differences in measurement results by automatic measurement.
Less workload compared to manual measurement.
It is much safer compared to the manual method of less contact with alkaline solutions.

  • Reduced measurement and preparation time

Reducing time by 30 to 70% compared to the conventional model when measuring air content.

  • Support for a variety of samples

It can measure cans and PET bottles from 160 mL to 2.0 L.
Enable measuring sample container with a tamper-resistant cap (double-layered lid).
It can measure 500mL PET bottle lightweight containers.

  • Output results to an external printer or PC using dedicated software

Measurement results can be output to an external printer and a connected PC using dedicated software.

  • Method function

Up to 20 methods, depending on sample property and measurement items, can be registered in the instrument. 
The measurement method can be edited on a PC using dedicated software.

  • Support for barcode reader

Barcode information, such as sample ID affixed on the container, can be scanned and transferred using a commercial barcode reader.

  • Visibility inside the absorbent cylinder

The dissolution status of carbon dioxide gas and air content in the absorbent cylinder can be visually checked by operators.


TypeGas Volume and Air Content Analyzer
Model nameGVA-710
Measurement items1)Carbonated beverages:
Gas volume*1, internal gas pressure, Residual gas volume and its oxygen concentration*2, and air content
2)Non-carbonated beverages:
Inside gas pressure
Measurement range1)Pressure: 0.010 to 0.500 MPaG
2)Temperature: 0 to 50 ℃
3)Residual gas volume: 0 to 30 mL
4)Oxygen concentration: 0 to 21 vol%
Measurement accuracy1)Pressure: ±0.001 MPa
2)Temperature: ±0.05 ℃
3)Residual gas volume:
± 2 %(in case the volume is 5 mL to 30 mL)
± 0.1 mL(in case the volume is 0mL to 5mL)
 * When measuring standard gas
4)Oxygen concentration: ± 0.2 vol%
Measurement time1)Temperature: 5 to 35 ℃
2)Humidity : 85 %RH or below
Sample containerVarious steel cans, aluminum cans, PET bottles, and glass bottles
Capacity: Approx. 160 mL to 2.0 L
Size: height 85 mm to 315 mm, diameter 53 mm to 110 mm
Stored data500 latest measurement results
20 methods
External output1)RS-232C: 1ch
 for connection to a printer or a computer
2)USB port: 1ch
 for data transfer and barcode reader
Ambient condition1)Temperature: 5 to 35 ℃
2)Humidity: 85 %RH or below
Power supplyAC 100 V to 240 V ± 10 % 50/60 Hz
Power consumption40 W
Dimensions495(W) × 555(D) × 570(H) mm
WeightApprox. 38 kg
CoatingAlkali resistant coating
Supplied air pressure0.6 to 0.7 MPaG

*1 Gas volume calculation is based on *A and *B
 *A:“Chart 13-2 Table of absorption coefficients of carbon dioxide” in revised Soft drinks supervised by Japan Soft Drink Association
 *B:ASBC Methods of Analysis -Beer-13: Dissolved Carbon Dioxide
*2 Oxygen concentration measurement is optional.


  • Soft drinks and brewery

It is capable of automatically measuring gas volume / internal gas pressure, air content, and oxygen concentration for quality control in the bottling process of soft drinks, etc.

Measurement itemsApplications
Gas volume / internal gas pressure (volume of carbon dioxide)Carbonated drink
(PET bottles, metal cans, and glass bottles)
Air content (Residual gas volume) with optional oxygen concentrationCarbonated / non-carbonated drink
(PET bottles, metal cans, and glass bottles)
Inside gas pressureCarbonated / non-carbonated drink
(PET bottles, metal cans and glass bottles)

This instrument cannot be applied to the following containers.
・ A sample container with a cork stopper
・ A sample in a specially shaped-container

  • Supported standards
Control items
Measuring items
Gas volume
(internal gas pressure)
Air contentGas volume
+ air content
(simultaneous measurement)
Soft drinks
Carbonated drink
Soft drinks
Carbonated fruit juice
Soft drinks
Fruit juice
Soft drinks
Cocktail with tonic water
Cocktail with fruit juice
Local beer

A: All can be measured / S:Some samples can be measured / -:Not available
*1 : Oxygen concentration can be measured if the gas volume exceeds 8mL.