EMS Viscometer EMS-1000S

EMS Viscometer EMS-1000S


EMS viscometer is a new type of innovative viscometer that changed the common sense of viscosity measurement worldwide for the first time.
By applying torque to the spherical probe in the sample remotely from outside the sample container using the force of the magnetic field, we successfully separated the sample from the device.
We have prepared state-of-the-art viscosity analytical technology with easy-to-use software and spherical protection that can be set to sample properties, enabling application in a wide field. It is also compatible with small-amount, low-viscosity measurement, which has been challenging to measure.
This product adopts part of the development results obtained as the framework of JST Japan Science and Technology Agency.
(Patent application No.5093599, US 8,365,582 B2, Applicant name: The University of Tokyo)

・Intuitive and user-friendly GUI(Graphic User Interface) Operation

The measurement result, the status of the sample, the status of the device, and the graph plotting the measurement result show up together on one screen. It is easy to compare the measured data with the data acquired in the past using the powerful search function of the database.

・Prepared spherical probes for matching sample property

Viscosity range: 0.1 to 100,000 mPa・S
You can select spherical probe properties of the samples to realize more accurate viscosity measurements according to this.
Water blood polymers resin solvents protein bitumen ink beverage heavy oil.

Best suited for Very Small Samples and Reuse of Precious Samples

Sample volume required: 300 μL
A small sample volume of 300 μL / 90 μL (Option) is enough to measure. During measurement, the samples are contamination-free.
Samples can be reused for other purposes after measurement.

  • Wide Temperature Range

Temperature range : 0 to 200℃
Temperature stability : ±0.1℃
Heating rate : Within 10 minutes(25℃ to 200℃)

  • Wide Measuring Range

Viscosity range : 0.1 to 100,000mPa・s(applied φ2.0mm spherical probe)
The standard measuring cell covers the entire viscosity range – no need to use different types of rotors.

  • Short Measuring Time

Only 1 second is required to measure samples with a viscosity below 100mPa・s.
Approx. 1 minute is required to measure samples with a viscosity of 10,000mPa・s.

  • Rheological Properties

Shear rate : 0.01 to 150s-1 (depending on the sample’s viscosity)
The shear rate can be varied by changing the rotational speed of motor, flow curves can be determined.

  • Suitable for Very Small Samples

Sample volume required : 90μL
Measurements of samples which are available in very small quantities can now be performed. During measurement, the samples are not contaminated.
Samples can be used for other purposes after measurement.
Required amount of sample is 300μL in standard specification. By using an optional small volume container, it is possible to measure with a minimum sample volume of 90μL.

  • Versatile Measuring Container

No cleaning required.
Measurements are performed in a disposable sample container.
No cleaning required – no cross contamination.

Autoclave sterilization
Ideal for samples which must be measured in a sterile environment such as proteins.

Suitable for measurements under anaerobic conditions
Sealed sample container. This allows to perform measurements in an inert-gas atmosphere.


Type EMS Viscometer Electro Magnetically Spinning Viscometer
Model EMS-1000S
Method of measurement Electro Magnetically Spinning Method (EMS)
Viscosity measuring range 0.1~1,000mPa・s(Aluminium alloy spheres φ1.5mm:Option)
0.1~100,000 mPa・s (Aluminium spheres φ2mm)
10~1,000,000 mPa・s (Aluminium spheres φ4.7mm)
100~100,000 mPa・s(Titanium spheres φ5mm:Option)
Measurement accuracy repeatability : RSD 3%(*1 according to KEM’s standard measuring conditions)
accuracy : ±10%(*1 according to KEM’s standard measuring conditions)
Minimum sample amount 90μL(Small container and Aluminium spheres φ2mm:Option)
300μL (Aluminium spheres φ2mm)
700μL (Aluminium spheres φ4.7mm)
700μL (Titanium spheres φ5mm, option)
Temperature Range : 0~200℃ (*2) / 0~50°C(Small container :Option)
Stability : ±0.1℃
Motor rotation speed Range : 500~1,000 rpm
Stability : ±3%
Ambient conditions Temperature : 10~30℃
Humidity : 85% RH max. (no condensation)
Storage conditions Temperature : -20~60℃
Humidity : 85% RH max. (no condensation)
Power supply Main unit : AC 200~240V±10% or AC 100~120V±10% 50/60Hz
Control PC : 100~240V±10% AC 50/60Hz (power adapter)
Power consumption Main unit : Approx.150W (Max 600W)
Control PC : Approx. 20W
Dimensions Main unit : 356(W)×347(D)×335(H)mm
Weight Main unit : Approx. 24kg
CE marking EMC : EN61326-1
LVD : EN61010-1
Laser safety : EN60825-1
Laser Wavelength :
660 nm(Red)Beam Divergence :
Parallel to the Junction : 10°
Perpendicular to the Junction : 17°Maximum output power :
130mW in CW Operation

*1 :
Repeatability is indicated by the relative standard deviation when the viscosity range is 10 to 1000mPa·s and the measurement is carried out 5 times continuously without changing the equipment conditions (sample, spherical probe and container combination).

*2 :
When setting the preset temperature below room temperature, please prepare dry air for dew condensation prevention. Also, when setting the temperature below 10°C, keep the ambient temperature below 20°C.