Automated Tag Closed Cup Flash Point Tester atg-8wfc / atg-8afc / atg-8lfc

Automated Tag Closed Cup Flash Point Tester atg-8wfc / atg-8afc / atg-8lfc

Tag Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

Since 1966, Tanaka has been delivering automated flash point testers for higher productivity at petroleum laboratories. The 8th generation model series theme is “ Ergonomic, Versatile, Robust and Safe. “

●ErgonomicColor-coordinated display and switches for high visibility / intuitive operation and universal design
●Versatile: USB port for USB flash drive or keyboard, password protection and enhanced data storage
●Robust: Premium design and high-quality finish suited for many years of reliable use
●Safe: Enhanced safety with fire containment system (Default for apm, atg & aco, optional for abl)

Further improved Swing Arm Assembly for easy setting and
cleaning :
After inserting the test cup in the instrument, just lower the swing arm assembly onto the test cup to set all the necessary components for the test, including the ignition source, temperature sensor, flash detector, and stirrer (in case of apm, atg, and abl series). After the test, lift the arm to an upright position for easy cleaning.

atg-8 is an automated Tag Closed Cup flash point tester.
Model atg-8wfc has a conventional water bath. Models at-8afc and at-8lfc are available for low-temperature ranges. These models’ cooling/heating is provided by Peltier modules (Model atg-8lfc requires an optional chiller).
Furthermore, it is standardly equipped with a fire containment system. This system effectively extinguishes fire by flowing quenching gas (N2 or CO2) from the external connection port.


Test Methods ASTM D56, IP 304, JIS K2265-1
Measuring Range Ambient to +95℃ for atg-8wfc

+5℃ to +75℃ for atg-8afc

-20℃ to +95℃ for atg-8lfc (with an optional chiller)

Temperature Sensor PT-100 in stainless steel sheath
Flash Detector CRC thermocouple
Ignition Source Gas flame or electric coil
I/O Port RC-232C and USB, 1 each
Size (W x D x H) 230 x 470 x 390 mm
Weight 19 kg
Power Consumption atg-8wfc : AC 100 to 120 V 500 VA (max) 50 / 60Hz

       AC 220 to 240 V 400 VA (max) 50 / 60Hz

atg-8afc / atg-8lfc : AC 100 to 240 V 300 VA (max) 50 / 60Hz

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